In Kyiv, a Play about the Holodomor Will Be Performed

News 03 September 2019
At the Kiev Academic Theater "Golden Gate" within the framework of "OPEN OPEN OPEN GOLDEN GATE THEATER FESTIVAL" with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund a play about the Holodomor-Genocide "And created an idol ..." will be presented. “The viewer is invited to travel through time and become a direct witness to the events of the early 1930s, to feel the atmosphere of that time and to take part in the performance of the spectacle. After the performance, there will be a mini-concert of the band Mavka (vocalist, composer, singer – Iryna Lazer), whose music has ethnic motifs combined with electronics, ambient and downtempo,” the announcement states. “Today, the Holodomor is being recognized as a national tragedy experienced in the twentieth century. However, there is still no definitive understanding of why the deliberate extermination of millions was possible. After all, the accepted political answer to this question does not abolish the ethical one. At the same time, for most of those who survived the famine and lost their loved ones then, the moral responsibility of the perpetrators is overshadowed by personal distress,” theatrical expert Anna Veselova emphasized. The performance will be presented at the Golden Gate Theater (Kyiv, 7a Shovkovychna St.) on September 13 at 2:00 pm.