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A genocide begins with the killing of one man –
 not for what he has done, but because of who he is.
Kofi Annan

In 1932-1933 the Soviet government killed with hunger more than 7 million Ukrainians. Today, this crime of the past has received a legal assessment and is a crime of genocide, since an analysis of the actions of the policy of Soviet authority in Ukraine directly indicates the intention to kill a part of the Ukrainian nation. This crime is known in the world as the Holodomor.


National Holodomor-genocide Museum works every day to preserve the memory of the Holodomor victims, spreading information about the genocide of Ukrainians and preventing the repetition of this crime.


Spreading information on the history of the Holodomor and the condemnation of this crime by Ukrainian citizens and the international community is a warning action from crimes against humanity such as the Holodomor.

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