Interactive Lesson "Genocide - What Is It?"

for students of 9-11 grades

Duration - 45 minutes


The lesson aims to form pupils' knowledge about the origin and meaning of the term "genocide". At the lesson, a museum employee tells who is Raphael Lemkin and what the "Convention on the Prevention of the Crime of Genocide" is. Students are acquainted with the documents of 1932-33, analyze events in Ukraine at that time. In order to trace how exactly the implementation of genocidal laws was taking place - they are reviewing Holodomor witnesses.


The objectives of this interactive lesson are:

1. 1. To teach to analyze the primary historical documents;

2. 2. To teach to think critically, to form a personal attitude to history and to understand the lessons of history;

3. 3. To develop students' ability to analyze events, compare historical phenomena and processes, draw conclusions.


Cost of an interactive lesson is 160 UAH for group of up to 12 people, 230 UAH for a group of 13 to 20 people. Entrance ticket to the museum is 9 UAH.