A Movie about the Holodomor Will Be Screened in the Capital of Italy

News 24 July 2019

On July 24, in Rome, the movie "Bitter Harvest" will be screened, reports Ukrinform referring to the Facebook post by Viktoriya Shevchenko.

"In Rome, the film can be seen at the cinema Nuovo Cinema Aquila from July 18 to 24, a session at 19:00,” a message says.

As it is noted, the Canadian film “Bitter Harvest" (“Raccolto Amaro”) is the story of love in spite of death, the insuperable will to life and the spirit of struggle, which is not to be faded out. It was first screened in Italy on July 18. The film is rented by the Italian film company PFA Films.

"Be sure to go to the movie and to invite your Italian friends with you. We must know and remember our history and bring it to the world, no matter how bitter it was," Viktoriya Shevchenko wrote.

More information is available on the Italian film page.

 “Bitter Harvest” is a Canadian movie about the history of love during the Ukrainian Holodomor of 1932 – 1933. The film was released in Ukraine on February 23, 2017.

In the center of the film is Yuri, a talented artist from farmers’ family, a descendant of the Cossack family, who tries to live with his beloved woman in conditions created by the Soviet authorities, taking blows and harassment. But in the end, when his family and fellow countrymen became the victims of artificial famine and Stalinist repression, he rebels to save his relatives, take revenge and leave Soviet Ukraine to convey the truth about the horrors of the Holodomor to the world.

Photo: Raccolto Amaro Facebook page