Ukrainian Book "Kurkul" Was Published in the Netherlands

News 27 August 2019

The book "Kurkul" by Ukrainian writer Maksym Butchenko, which tells about events in Ukraine in the 1930s, was published in the Dutch publishing house Woord in blik under the name "De Rode Driehoek" ("Red Triangle").

The plot of the book is based on the author's family history of the dekulakization of his great-grandfather, who lived in Slobozhanshchyna, Ukrinform reports.

"For me, restoring historical memoriy is the most significant thing. In those years, people were left without a sense of responsibility for their actions. I am sure that a Soviet person in Ukraine was finally formed through the events of the 1930s," Maksim Butchenko commented on the publication of his book in Dutch.

The translation of "Kurkul" was made by the famous Dutch translator Ari Van de Ent, who had previously worked on the translation of Sergiy Loikso’s novel "Airport."