The Ninth Circle In Commemoration of the Victims of the Famine of 1933

Readers in the English-speaking world will find much of what Olexa Woropay says hard to believe. The world he describes with such eloquent simplicity is completely alien to anything they have ever experienced: it is cut from the same cloth as Hitler's death camps, a world gone mad on the blood of human beings sacrificed on the altar of political expediency. To understand the Holodomor fully, one must remember that this whole-sale murder of peasant farmers took place in one of the richest countries of world, with its fertile 'black soil'. People died of starvation in a country which abounded in harvests, sufficient not only to feed her own population, but also to rank her among the leaders in the world export market of good hard wheat. 


Author: Woropay O. 

Publishing place: Cambridge

Year: 1983

Number of pages: 43