Hunger to the truth

  • Країна: Ukraine, Canada
  • Режисер: Andriy Tkach
  • Хронометраж: 73 min

In the autumn of 1932, the Canadian reporter Ria Clyman went on a car trip from Moscow through Kharkiv, Donbass, Kuban, where at that time the Holodomor was perverted, to the Caucasus. She wrote what she saw in her articles, which she sent abroad, but her thoughts were never heard, and Ria herself was expelled from the USSR as a "bourgeois disturber of calm". The documentary archive story of the reporter,film director compiles with the contemporary events: a story of the life of the family of Ukrainian military Sergei Glondar, captured and still held by the Russian Federation during the war at the East of Ukraine. So the modernity repeats the past again.

The film was shot at the request of the Canadian-Ukrainian Foundation in cooperation with the Babylon-13 association. The film uses unique three-dimensional digitized photos from the albums of Alexander Wienerberger as well as incredible musical accompaniment – voices of Ukrainian singers Jamala, ONUKA, and music by  DakhaBrakha and Dakh Daughters music bands.